Can Ferrets Eat Honey and Sugar?

Q: Can ferrets eat honey and sugary snacks? Is sugar bad for their health?

A: Do not feed ferrets honey, raisins, fruit, or snacks containing sugar. Ferrets, like dogs, are harmed by sweet dry fruits, honey, sugar, chocolate, ice cream, sweet carrots, etc.

Although primarily carnivorous, wild ferrets will also eat berries, honey and other sweet stuff they find. However, what the animal actually wants to eat is the larvae of bees are found in honey!

A drop (literally) of honey on the tongue of ferrets with a small squeeze bottle can be used during training as – “good ferret” reward if he likes.

Honey Cures Insulinoma in ferrets

Keep some form of simple sugar sources such as honey or Karo syrup on hand, if the ferret goes into hypoglycemic shock or coma. If you notice your ferret with insulinoma faints, you can help to stabilize it first giving him something sweet, such as honey or Karo syrup.

Try giving 2-3cc honey or Karo syrup ferret is only if able to swallow. If the animal collapsed and is unable to swallow, rub a small amount of honey or syrup on his gums. However, rub honey (or anything else) on sweet gums and will be absorbed by the mucous membranes. Repeat until honey warms up enough so that the sugar dissolves.

You can specify them by smearing them on the gums or palate, first on the tongue, and if only honey, as well as by pressing it with your finger rectally.

Composition of refined sugars such as white sugar, corn syrup, high fructose, even healthier sweeteners such as honey and maple syrup are more or less the same – half and half glucose and fructose. Karo syrup is preferred honey and can quickly used.

I have found that Karo syrup works better than honey or Karo Nutrical and thinning slightly slightly water seems to more easily absorbed.

Blood Sugar Spikes and Crashes in ferrets

When you give influx of sugar – in this case Karo or honey – it will quickly raise blood sugar and ferrets can feel a lot better, but what goes up must come down and blood sugar will soon return to the previous level – or less. I would like you to keep feeding her soup duk as often as possible and watch for disasters that need to be done, you can use honey or Karo syrup white.

If ferret becomes dehydrated, mix honey, syrup, Karo or Linatone water and get an animal to drink, and then to the veterinarian. Measure the oil and swirl around the cup; pour over the oat mixture, and then use the same measuring cup honey.

Symptoms of Insulioma

If the ferret has a low blood sugar episode (drooling, pawing his mouth, staggering), gives 3/1 cc? S honey or karo syrup and immediately contact your veterinarian. It’s a place where you can use corn syrup, honey or molasses and rub it in their gums (do not force food to an unconscious or semi-conscious animals !!

If you have what looks like a seizure, staring into space, pawing at the mouth or seizures, wobbly ferrets, the rear end of the weaknesses of jerky head movements, uncoordination, slobbering- early stage of seizures, monitor ferret, until it shall seem back to normal and eat for you.

If the ferret begins signs of low blood sugar at home, you can rub karo syrup, honey or pancake syrup on the gums just before leaving the house to take him / her to the vet: it is an emergency!

Honey and fresh fruits are not considered good substitutes for SAP, manna and honeydew eat free range ferrets in the wild state.

Sugar / honey deteriorate the disease; Good diet and frequent feedings high protein help stabilize blood sugar levels, but only the actual treatment can significantly prolong life expectancy appears to surgery (as soon as possible) and medicine or the second operation in some cases.

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