Ferret Shampoo – What Shampoo is Best for Ferrets?

http://www.amazon.com/ref=as_li_ss_tl?_encoding=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&tag=myferretpet-20&linkId=FZICFQ75IIK6MN4CQ: What Shampoo is best to use on ferrets? I haven’t actually washed Elliot yet, but he loooooves to climb into the bathtub with me and go for a swim. I think I am going to bathe him soon though, his fur is finally looking better than it did when I got him from the pet store and I think a bath would make him nice and fluffy and soft.

A: I like FerretGlow, PPP (Professional Pet Products), BioGroom or Veterinarians Best.

I use a whitening shampoo on my lighter ferrets and it really does work (not all do, but I like mine). Unless you are showing, there probably really isn’t a need for it.

If you are not washing that often (like 1 or 2 times a year) I think you’re fine using any shampoo.

Tip: Put vanilla essence in the blankets on the last cycle of you washing machine. Your fuzzies will smell nice and clean without bathing!

Prescription Shampoos

Shampoo – there are a couple ferret kinds out there that are decent, I most recently used a gentle pet shampoo from my vet’s office (one of my guys had a rash…). Personally i use VET solutions oatmeal and aloe shampoo but most of the ferret shampoos will suffice.

Dry Powder Shampoos


I bought a bottle of this stuff (on impulse) a few years back when we were about to take two of the weasels on a road trip vacation.

It’s still sitting unopened and unloved at the back of the cupboard. I wouldn’t use it. The fine powder would be too irritating to their respiratory system, not to mention whatever would get ingested during grooming wouldn’t be good for them.

If you’re looking to make them “fresher” smelling, make a dig box for them with something absorbent in it…I use long-grain rice, and it does make them smell better over time.

Baby Shampoo

I decided in a pinch once to try Baby Shampoo on my ferts when it was bath time. I found they smelled a lot better, and don’t scratch themselves like mad later on when they are dry.

I have used a few brands of baby shampoo and they are all tear free, I’ve never had a problem with it. The truth is baby shampoo has the same PH as adult shampoo and we all know not to use adult shampoo on ferrets. The only difference is the baby shampoo is tear free. The PH level in human shampoo is much too harsh for ferrets skin.

When shampooing ferts they can get dry skin so easy. I have found that baby shampoo is the best on my babies. It don’t dry them and it don’t cause them to excrete too much oils afterwards. Just thought I would share that idea. Baby shampoo is also cheaper. I get the generic brand from wal-mart.

Marshall’s Ferret Shampoo

I personally use the marshalls with the marshall’s creme rinse. I used to use 8 in 1 it was horrible the smells was gross and it didn’t really clean my ferrets. I found the Marshall’s left them soft clean, with no yellow tinting, and smelling neutral. Occasionally I also use the daily spritz, like it they are going out on play dates.

However do not ever buy the cologne it is horrid smelling! I personally don’t care if it came from marshalls or not, If its made for ferrets and it works, I will use it. I know all the bad stuff about mass producing and animal testing associated with them.

Unfortunately it is economics to mass produce and every little single fuzzy who gave up his life for health testing is a hero in my eyes because it made it that much closer to a cure to some disease.

Walmart Brand Natural’s Shampoo

I use a natural pet foam used for all pets. It’s a pump bottle and smells like raspberries. It’s found in the pet section of Walmart. I believe it’s called Naturals.  It was in the section where they keep the pet shampoos.

In my Walmart, the pet shampoos, pooper scoopers, pet cleaners, et cetera are near each other. The shampoo is made for all pets and safe for puppies and kittens. It’s in a clearish bottle, and will look almost unlabeled. I love it!

I had no allergy problems with it, both myself and the ferrets, and I only need one shampoo now for both the dog and the fuzzies.

Oh, I thought I’d list the ingredients: Purified water, natural blend of oats, coconut oil and sugar-derived cleansers, glycerin, preservative, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-5, and natural raspberry fragrance.

I use their Natural lemongrass cleaner for litter pans and Oops poops too.

Neem Oil Shampoo


I just found a new one I will use on all of my animals. It’s made by Ark Naturals, called “Neem Protect Shampoo”.

The Neem oil in it is supposed to help deter fleas. There is NO soldium laurel sulfate, NO DEET, or pyrethrins, synthetic pyrethrins, or permethin-all of which can be harmful to both animals & humans.

Neem oil also has anti-microbial & anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. I don’t bathe mine very often, not even once a month, only when they really need it.

Mane & Tail shampoo for ferrets.

I have started buying it for the cats and the dog, and I love how it makes thier hair feel. It’s nice that all the mammals used the same shampoo.  I have used it on occasion with my ferrets. The conditioner seems to do especially well for giving them a soft coat. Just try to watch out for their eyes.

Ferret Glow

I use something called Ferret Glow. I couldn’t resist the name! It seems to work well, and it doesn’t smell to flowery. It rinses easily, and it leaves them soft and fluffy when they dry. I don’t think it’s too expensive, and I bought it before I got them.

Flea Shampoos


You can get Cat or dog, or kitten dose, its the same stuff just larger amount. you give one drop per pound. You could try using dawn lemon dishsoap, but I would check for fleas before giving them any treatment for it.

I use Revolution on mine, it takes care of fleas and other hitch hikers including mosquitoes and since I live by a swamp I don’t worry so much about heart worms. Revolution also kills ear mites.

Regarding flea treatment I believe anything suited for a kitten is okay. But I must strongly recommend you do NOT use anything by Heartz. It’s a horrible company with horrible products.

Marshall’s makes a flea shampoo that you might try in addition to frontline/advantage whatever you can find.

I only suggest Revolution or Advantage for fleas. Other products are not known if they are safe for use with ferrets, and dosage would be a problem too.

Can You Use Cat or Dog Shampoo on Ferrets?

I used to use the Johnson’s baby shampoo for my rats, and once when I ran out of dog shampoo I used my shampoo for my dog. It actually worked better than her shampoo, and was a lot cheaper…

I’d just make wure anything you use with them be tearless… because even though you try to keep it out of their eyes, accidents happen.. I know that specific dog shampoo is supposed to be better because dogs’ coats have different pH levels than humans. I think it may be more gentle for them, too.

It will probably be okay – just read the labels and be sure its gentle. I actually have a shampoo I got at the vet’s office that says dog and cat, but they gave it to me for the fuzzies. As with any shampoo, try to keep away from their eyes and stuff.

My vet says that if it’s gentle enough for young kittens, it’s okay for ferts.

Why Is My Ferret Yellow?

My white ferrets usually do get yellow for awhile in the fall and in the spring too. I just leave them alone and it goes away. You can bathe them but I only bathe mine about once a year unless they get dirty. It is the oils in their body coming out and it I think is because their hormones are at a higher level in the spring and fall. With mine it does go away all on its own.

How Often Should You Bathe Your Ferret?

For shampoo, as previously mentioned you want to keep bathing to a minimum – of course I’m sure you will bathe when your baby first comes home because yes, they are kind of stinky in the pet store, usually sleeping in that fluffy junk all in their pee.

Honestly you will only need to bathe once every couple months after the initial bath – try to save it for poop messes and that sort of thing. I usually bath my ferrets every other month or so. So about every 2 months.  If you clean their bedding and cage regularly, you shouldn’t need to bathe them more than once or twice a year. There isn’t anything wrong with that really.

I have given my ferts two baths since I have had them. The first time was to help with all the fleas they had (no more thanks to Advantage) and the second was when they were sprayed by my chinchillas .

I wash their bedding weekly and clean litterboxes every day so I don’t really have a smell problem. The main reason I was interested in the dry shampoo is if by some chance there is another spraying I can maybe get the smell from them without a full bath.

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