Can Ferrets Eat Turkey Meat?

Q: Can ferrets eat uncooked meats, particularly chicken, steaks, turkey etc?? Or do I have to cook it first? I Actually feed my ferrets uncooked chicken on occasion although I want to know if turkey is ok for them too. I know dogs shouldn’t actually have turkey so are ferrets the same? What ‘human’ foods can I actually feed them?

A: Ferrets can eat chicken, steak, and turkey safely. Ensure the meat is cooked (I cook mine first). Ferrets are picky eaters and what one ferret likes (chicken) another ferret hates. We have one here at the bearded dragon habitat. Turkey gizzards, hearts and livers are a yummy treat for them once they get all in it, as you may know organs are even healthier for them than meat.

Never feed sugar, greens, grains. Ferrets are obligate carnivores and should be fed a food high in fat and protein. I used 8 in 1 food for mine. Marshalls is actually loaded with tuna fish and also it their feces smell horribly.

The best diet for ferrets consists of uncooked:

  • Chicken,
  • beef,
  • rabbits,
  • turkey,
  • cornish game hens,
  • whole prey (which are frozen mice),
  • live prey (which are live mice and rats),

Including a other meats — My ferrets get chicken, beef, pork, turkey, game hen, tuna fish, liver, heart, kidney etc. Anything is fine. If uncooked you can feed meaty bones. If cooked don’t feed any bones.

So this would mean feeding them things like turkey necks, chicken wings, chicken carcasses, whole rabbits, rats, day old chicks and mice (frozen and defrosted from whatever shop that sells reptile supplies), items like this. Also, you can give your ferrets uncooked turkey necks as treats directly.

Can Ferrets Eat Deli Meat?

Ferrets can easily have unseasoned meats like chicken and turkey. You can also treat your ferret with small pieces of cool meats like cooked ham, turkey and chicken, Small pieces of dried meats like turkey jerky (these are incredibly salty so a piece no bigger than your pinkie nail every day). Regrettably, lunch meats like deli ham and cold-cut turkey breast chunks have lots of salt and nitrates, which are usually unhealthy for ferrets.

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