Can Ferrets Eat Strawberries?

Q: Is it okay to feed my ferrets strawberries sometimes?

A: You can give a little bit of strawberry to your ferret, but not a whole strawberry, because chances are it could cause diarrhea.

You could feed them a thumbnail sized section of banana, strawberry or other non-acid sweet fruit each week, or on special occasions for training. They don’t normally eat fruit or grains but little treats of these wont hurt them.

Treats my ferrets get:

  • strawberry,
  • raspberry,
  • banana,
  • bell pepper
  • bread soaked in milk (all of these should be small pieces on a daily basis, like the size of your finger tip!!).

No-nos are:

  • grapes and raisins (they cause renal failure in skunks, which are genetically similar to ferrets)
  • citrus
  • onions
  • tomato
  • leafy green veg
  • huge amounts of any kind of fruit or veg
  • chocolate
  • candy
  • sweets
  • large amounts of cows milk
  • large pieces of bread
  • rices or pastas

Ferrets can’t digest sugars well at all.

Raw meat and bones are a lot healthier¬† for ferrets as compared to “packaged” food…think raw chicken and turkey wings also legs, rabbit, rats and also mice (like those marketed for snakes), items like that. If you do feed a dry food Evo happens to be the only one worth feeding.

If possible, feed ferrets with raw, scrambled or boiled eggs, cooked chicken or turkey, SMALL pieces of banana or strawberry, sugar-free, dairy free, meat based kitten, puppy, dog or cat treats, a little goats milk, and appropriate ferret treats.

Are Ferrets Omnivores or Carnivores?

My ferrets can occasionally eat some strawberry, but that doesn’t necessarily make them omnivores. Their teeth, their inner organs, intestines etc. are designed to digest meat. My cat used to have a liking for carrots, but she was still a carnivore.

Occasionally eating something that is not a piece of their normal diet doesn’t change the way their system was designed – to process only meat. Needless to say it’s “safer” to keep them on an insectivorous diet, which have been proven to easier for them to digest, so why would you want to risk their health?

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