Can Ferrets Eat Popcorn?

Q: Can Ferrets eat (popped) popcorn on special occasions?

A: Yes, ferrets can eat unsalted popcorn. But remember ferrets bodies are designed to eat raw meat, so just give it to them in small amounts.

Ferrets like eating treats for instance raisins, grapes (peeled or cut in half), unsalted popcorn, peanut butter, banana and a periodic veggie or two.

Other food my ferrets like:

  • Popcorn cakes (rice cakes – Quaker brand doesn’t have the hulls) topped with Ferretone (or any diet supplement your ferrret likes).
  • Ordinary cooked chicken.
  • pieces of banana or raisins (not a lot though – sugars aren’t good for them)
  • I Actually feed them 3-4 insects each night- my ferrets are typically more active at night time, so the later on you do it, the better.. .
  • People food – I feed it sparingly. Stay away from fats and foods with high sugar.

Try things out in small portions and remember – popcorn is a treat and not an alternative to a good quality kibble. NEVER EVER feed your ferret dairy products (can cause diarrhea) or chocolate and caffeine products. The ferrets will beg for these things, but what doesn’t bother our system may kill a ferret.

I Actually feed them chicken, some soups, air-popped popcorn, and bananas on occasion. These are a once a week treat. My guy wouldn’t eat anything veggie wise.. . No chocolate, avocados, or any exotic fruits. Keep it basic- apples, bananas, grapes, chicken, etc.

How to Feed a Good Ferret Diet

Ferrets need a high protein (32% or more) diet consisting mainly of meat or even animal byproducts, rather than grain. The amino acids in vegetable protein are not readily usable by a ferret’s 3 hour digestive system. Low ash and low magnesium are also crucial for a good ferret diet.

Quality dry cat foods are accessible at feed stores, at a pet shop, or your veterinarian’s office. You will find new ferret diets appearing on the market continuously, although the ones which are fish based are not well-liked among ferrets, but preferred by their cousin, the mink.

Most ferrets prefer shaped pieces of food, and don’t care for pelleted foods because of this logic. Avoid most grocery store brands of cat and kitten food for the reason that dyes, fillers and preservatives used are harmful to your little ones, and they’re also low on meat protein.

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