can ferrets eat peanuts and tree nuts?

Q: Can ferrets eat nuts like peanuts, almonds, or cashews?

A: You shouldn’t give them anything but meat based products. They should never have nuts, peanuts, milk, fruits, vegetables, sweets, raisins…… They cannot digest this.

Don’t feed them peanut butter either, there is too much sugar inside for them.  Raisins are ok in moderation, and meat (throughly cooked).  My vet said that cheese is actually ok because it’s protein, but only a little.  Although the safest bet, when you want to give your ferret treats, is to feed them ordinary ferret treats.

Try not to feed your pet ferret peanut butter…because most nut butters have too much added sugar for the caecum…. it can’t be digested and also can cause intestinal blockages), nuts (plus peanut butter), cereals (that are an excellent source of sugar and also fiber), and also dairy products (which possibly could trigger diarrhea) must all be avoided.

Why Can’t Ferrets Eat Peanut Butter and Nuts?

Ferrets do not have a cecum. You probably realize this, but it means they can’t process plant matter. When ferrets don’t have a high protein eating diet, they can develop intestinal blockages.

In addition to that, their intestines are fragile and short.  You may cause them intestinal damage.  Many ferrets end up getting Inflammatory bowel disease or ulcers.. Once won’t do  an excessive amount of damage, but please don’t give peanut butter to him often.  Ferrets can eat just about anything, although they should never have anything high in sugar or fiber.   Their diet ought to be a minimum of 40% protein and also 20% fat-more is actually better.

Peanut Butter as a Treat

If possible, get some hollow bones from the pet store, and place some peanut butter in there. They LOVE!!! peanut butter, and it’s pretty healthy for them too, jut not a jar weekly . Make an obsticle course for them, and make it a challenge to get the treat. It’ll take their mind off destroying the rest of your home! And also they’ll tire themselves out trying to get the treats, and running around the course.

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