Can Ferrets Eat Grapes?

Q: Are grapes safe for ferrets to eat? Can I feed grapes occasionally?

A: Grapes are not safe for ferrets to eat.

Some safe treats for ferrets are:

  • some lean, cooked meat
  • boiled eggs,
  • low-sugar cereals
  • cooked greens.
  • Commercial treats are most likely fine, but don’t go overboard

Some foods ferrets like but should really eat include:

  • Anything alcoholic or caffeinated,
  • Foods with added salt or sugar.
  • Chocolate is not recommended,
  • Seeds and nuts.

It’s true that raisins and grapes are an absolute no-no for dogs. Nobody really knows what the problem is. Although starting in the late 80s, random reports of dogs dying after eating grapes or raisins became frequent – so frequent that the Poison Control Center placed the fruits on the hazard list.

While I wouldn’t panic over a small number of raisins, any dog who eats a big bunch of grapes or a canister of raisins needs to see a veterinarian promptly.

So where does this leave ferrets with regards to grapes or raisins? Most ferrets adore raisins, and giving them a couple raisins per day may  be fine. Don’t give them more than that, however. That tip goes for all treats, by the way: A little goes a long way.

Ferrets ought not to be given dairy products, because milk products will cause diarrhea in these animals. Ferrets enjoy eating treats like raisins, grapes (peeled or cut in half), unsalted popcorn, peanut butter, banana and an occasional veggie or two.

Okay in small doses as treats are (grapes, sultanas, banana, apple or even melon pieces) although fruit and vege shouldn’t be on the menu. Ferrets will pretty very much eat anything, they’re scavengers. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you must feed them everything.

Like all carnivores, ferrets enjoy fruit and sweet vegetables including grapes, bananas, apple, melon, carrots, cucumber, etc. as a dietary complement. Each ferret has it’s own preferences.

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