Can Ferrets Eat Cheese Milk or Dairy Products?

Q: Can I give my ferrets cheese or milk sometimes? Are these treats ferret safe?

A: Ferrets can’t eat cheese, because it gives them diarrhea, trouble breathing, and coma allergic reaction. Ferrets are at risk of milk allergies and also cheese has cow milk inside, so that the litter box will overflow with runny, smelly poo and you will have a particularly upset ferret..  Should your ferret have highly odorous stools, you need to change to feeds with a lower content of protein, but don’t go any lower than 25%.

Ferrets CAN, still, safely eat:

  • acidolopous milk
  • cottage cheese
  • swiss cheese
  • soy/almond/skim milk
  • goat’s milk or goat cheese

Mainly because kinds of cheese/dairy have no lactose (milk sugar which can cause allergy triggers in ferrets.)

Ferrets are strict carnivores and also can’t digest anything other than meat correctly, so only give him meat or  meat based foods to eat. Just remember: if it’s not meat, it’s not safe for your ferret to nibble on. That’s essentially all they can eat safely.

What Healthy Treats Can Ferrets Safely Eat?

The bad thing about ferrets:. They can not digest carbohydrate food, dairy, greens or sugars. . The good thing:. Their digestive tract is extremely short, that happens to be exactly why they poo every 3 hours.. .

Mac n cheese is good for them (these naughty guys constantly want stuff that’s bad for them), but it’s not constantly dangerous. One cheese nip as a treat from time to time is fine…a handful is not.

A Cheez-It’s not going to kill him, but it’s decidedly unhealthy for him. At the 1st sign of vomitting or constipation, he ought to be taken to the vet to check for anything blocking the intestines.  Really check him and he should be fine.

I currently have 6 ferrets. Owned ferrets since 1990.  Several actually have lived to 13. All others totalling 46 lived beyond 10 except two. Cheese may be fed moderately, but for the most part, stay away from milk-based products, as they might give your ferrets loose stools.

Instead of milk or cheese, give ferrets healthy treats. You can learn what ferret treats are healthiest from the book, Ferrets for Dummies. You can also add 1/4 teaspoon of corn oil to their diets for healthy, shiny coats.

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