can ferrets eat bananas

Q: Can I feed my ferret bananas once in a while? I tried to give sassy some plain banana the other day. While I’d read that ferrets love banana, our ferret wasn’t quite turned on by it. 

A: Ferrets are carnivores, they mustn’t be eating banana treats. If your ferret accidentally got into/ate some banana one time without you seeing, she’ll be fine.

You’ll be able to feed a few raisins or a tad of ferret supplement or one small whole banana as a treat.  Ferrets might hold a soft spot for sweets like raisins, bananas, peanut butter, and pieces of cereal. The elevated sugar content of such treats can cause ferret insulinoma and other diseases, however. Veterinarians advise not feeding sugar and fruits to ferrets at all.

Non-Acid Soft Fruits


  • melon,
  • banana,
  • berries
  • and papaya

NASFI’s (non-acid soft fruits) are okay as an occasional treat for ferrets – this includes bananas. BUT DONT give more than a few small pieces (1/2 tablespoon) of these fruits two times weekly. Veggies and fruits ought to be given in small amounts (we are talking thin slivers), since they’re obligate carnivores, and also don’t have cecum to digest the nutrients. A slice around 1/2-3/4″ is actually OK, or a small serving of banana chips (not the salted ones, but the regular dried out bananas.)

Ferrets will likewise eat fruits including watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, raisins and bananas, but don’t do too much as they can upset their intestinal tract. Definitely never feed nuts, seeds, or dairy to your ferret.

Bananas Can Cause Adrenal Disease and Insulinoma in Ferrets

Bananas and other fruits in large amounts are unhealthy for ferrets. They cannot digest fruit at all. They actually have a quite sensitive system that cant properly digest fruits or veggies. In addition, they lack the ability to absorb the nutrients from those foods, as they are solely carnivores.

Bananas are full of sugar.  That (in conjunction with carbohydrates) may cause insulinoma.  The sugar can easily cause a dangerous adrenal infection which is devestating and also exceptionally expensive to treat, requiring an operation.

What are Some Healthy Treats for Ferrets?

Offer bits of raw meat – that is actually incredibly good for them. Try meat as treats (both uncooked or even blandly cooked), chicken/turkey baby food, coconut oil, or egg (raw–monthly, scrambled /hardboiled–one whole egg/week).  In case she doesn’t take those treats, either, take heart.  Try giving her a piece of her food from your hand (ferrets consider that a ‘treat’).. .

Some treats I feed are ferretone, uncooked meat (NOT seasoned), Pogo’s, Cheeseweasels, foamy fries, and many others.

Get a ferret book, so that you know all the diseases and a standard laundry list of problems with ferrets. Most ferrets like Yogis (ferret treat). Try feeding banana, berry, and also/or even peanut butter flavor Yogis.

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