How Much Should Ferrets Eat Every Day?

Q: How much do ferrets eat on average? I plan to get a ferret soon. I have already done a lot of research, so I know that I should keep food out, but how much do they eat a day? I have heard that offering two kinds of food is better than just one food, so I will give them 8 kinds of all in one ultimate food. I can find pet shops and some others that offer those foods. Does anybody know how much she will eat if I feed her regularly?
Answer: Ferrets should have food available at all times of the day and night. If you are giving them a dry kibble, give about 3/4 cups to each ferret every day and change the food out every day. If you see a lot remaining, please don’t give them so much. If they are quickly emptying their bowls, increase the amount. However, you need to confirm that they always have food.

If you are really curious how much your ferret eats in a day, you can measure the amount of food you put in the dish and measure it again after 24 hours.

How Much Do They Eat on a Kibble Diet?

When giving dry kibble, female ferrets should eat about 1/4 cup ferret kibble per day, and males should eat 1/3 of a cup. They tend to eat every 2-3 hours because the digestive tract is very short. Therefore, the time it takes to come to one end and go to the other end is not very long. This is average, but your ferret may eat more or less as ferrets’ weights and builds change.

However, ferret foods have a high fat content and may quickly rot, so prepare enough fresh food for 1 or 2 days and discard any uneaten crumbs. Always wash the bowl before you replenish it, as oily residue may spoil.

How Much Should They Eat if Feeding a Raw Diet?

Ferrets need to eat muscle (at least 34%), high-fat (at least 20%) high quality chicken or lamb based food. Another (at least 46%) of the diet should be fur, bones, feathers, organs, and raw or cooked eggs as needed.

If your ferrets are on a diet, you also need to leave the meat raw. Frozen, day-old chicks are favored among the working ferret communities, and have proved as a very good meal that you can get very cheaply online.

The diet keeps all the different meats in a balanced state. Chicken liver is very good, and very cheap.

What Factors Affect How Much They Eat?

Since ferrets mature quickly from kit to adult, their diet quickly changes. A young kit may eat a bowl of food once a week, where many elderly ferrets can eat a bowl a day. My ferret eat around a bowl of food per day. Many ferrets also change their appetites based on the temperature.

When the ferret is getting cold, most start packing on the pounds with the weight of winter. Also, do not worry about ferrets becoming fat. The only way your ferret will get fat is if you’re giving them too many treats.

High Quality Ferret Kibble Matters


Since ferrets have a very short gastrointestinal tract, food containing digestible meat protein is necessary. Do not use foods that mention cereals or corn as the first ingredient. Food for kittens and cats in grocery stores is not enough.

Also, as more ferret eats (eg.dry food), as it contains less nutrition, so ensure that it is very important to really eat high quality ferret requires nutrition, so that nutrients are absorbed).

I feed mine a mix of Drs. Foster & Smith Original Ferret Diet & Marshall Farm’s Ferret food. If your ferret is young you will need it soften with warm water (keep a bowl of dry food in his cage, so if he does get hungry he will have something to eat.)

Should I Leave Their Food Out All Day?

First of all, do not feed ferrets one or two times a day like dogs and cats. By doing so, long-term health problems can develop. Ferret can develop very low glycemia if their food is frequently gone. Eventually you can kill them.

Please leave food for the ferret so that they can help themselves if necessary, and please refill it when it is gone. Always fill the bowl and keep food available 24 hours at any time. Ferrets will not usually over eat. Rather, due to the fast metabolism, several small meals in the day (up to 10 times in 24 hours) are needed.

There are many factors in how much a ferret consumes. Even the age, size, health, and the time of the year affect how much ferrets need to eat. A good rule of thumb is: fill the bowl…when it runs out…fill it up again!

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