Can Ferrets Eat Ice Cream?

Q: Can ferrets eat ice cream? When it’s warm I give them a little ice cream, but other than that … I read that there are a lot of people foods they can’t have.

A: Yes, they can eat ice cream in small quantities. I have 10 ferrets and 1 of them is addicted to ice cream.

My favorite treat for them, in late summer, is to break off the tip of a full size ice cream and make a mini ice cream cone for her to hold with her paws and lick – they love it and it is sweet to watch. A few licks of ice cream or yogurt is OK – but too much is not.

Some say your ferret should never eat dairy products, chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows, soft drinks, ice cream or chips. When it comes to dairy products, ferrets should not be allowed to have much. As for treats, they can have very small amounts of unhealthy things like ice cream or fruit. Just make sure that there is no chocolate  in it, as it can be deadly!

Is Ice Cream safe for Ferrets?

A small amount of ice-cream will not do any harm – ferret lactose and giving them a cow milk diarrohea but usually results in ice cream, cheese, etc. contain substantially lower amounts of lactose than milk, so small quantities are usually approx.

I would definitely recommend against anyone giving chocolate to any animal, as it is toxic to small animals. Real toxic dose is not known, so it is best to avoid feeding chocolate ice cream for ferrets at all.

If you notice that your ferret has diarrhea after eating any of these items, best to stay away from them.

Making Ferret “meat” Ice cream

When you’re at home, you share everything with your ferret, especially cakes and ice cream. I give mine a little Breyer ice cream as a treat, but more often, I make a suspension of boneless chicken ice cream.

To do this, simply gently fold heavy cream inoto a mixture of chicken / meat mince until evenly mixed in your ice-cream maker and frozen in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Note: The meat doesn’t have to be chicken – chicken is simply cheaper, which is why I chose it. You can add beef liver in small quantities, sheep and pigs heart lung tubes and spleen, which is then ground and then fed to ferrets or diced turkey, poultry and pigmeat, beef pork and turkey mince, or your minced may also include some fish without bones. Be creative – any kind of meat will do in the ferrets ice cream!

With a meat base, you can still expect a rich, chewy ice cream, but it’s more of a basal flavor and a little lighter in density – it’s not your standard fudgy New England ice cream, but something more sophisticated.

Add some double coconut flakes, mixing 1/2 cup (1 1/2 oz.), into the ice cream at the last minute for faster processing. Heavy whipped cream is also good in a mixture of soup for the sick ferrets.

Beware the Jealous ferrets!

Other ferrets are going to want some, too, which can lead to a weasel war dance, and ferrets demanding their own special cake and ice cream. My ferret Sovereign (unfortunately now gone to the big green field in the sky) used to insist every time I showed him on having 99 cent store brand ice cream, and sulk if you didn’t get one for him … He deliberately misbehaved for days if I didn’t remember his ice cream!

I have several ferrets .. they get this “special treatment” from time to time (I just adore those funny noises they make when the container comes out) I think it’s a mixture of shock from the cold and pure ecstasy of eating ice cream. Although ferrets are lactose intolerant of the milk in ice cream, if you make your own with whipped cream or heavy cream it should be fine.

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