Ferret Biting Cage – How To Stop Cage Biting in Ferrets

Q: Ok for some reason Oreo has started biting down on the cage and rocking back and forth making the whole cage rattle and shake. How to make the cage biting stop?

A: Take these steps to stop your ferret from cage biting:

  1. Move the cage to another room, if your ferret is shaking the bars at night.
  2. Put a dark sheet over the cage (like you do with a bird cage). This helps my guys sleep. Inspect the sheet daily. I have heard of ferrets that are covered pulling the covering through the bars on the cage and ingesting some of it!! You don’t want any blockages!!!
  3. Exercise her before bed. 30 minutes of really active play gets a lot of that energy out. We go for a swim, play chase in the tubes, and dig out toys from the dig box. Anything to get those little legs going and expel energy.
  4. Give her something else to do. Give your ferret some jingley balls, or hanging jingle toys, stuff like that. Change up her toys every week or so, rotating the old ones out, and putting new ones in. Rotate toys on a 3 week cycle or so.
  5. Make sure her bedding is comfortable. Put lots of t-shirts and/or blankets in the cage too so she can root around in them or sleep in them as well.
  6. If all else fails, take cardboard and tape it to the inside of the cage on the part she chews, or do whatever but make like a wall at the bottom (assuming she chews at the bottom.)

I also take all my ferrets (that aren’t too fat to fit into harnesses) on a walk at night before bed, so they are usually pretty tuckered out after a good romp in the grass, plus its gotten me some walking exercise in for the night! This has stopped them from shaking the cage bars for three months now.

Why Ferrets Bite Their Cage Bars

Q: The whole reason she does it is so she can get out, so I don’t want to take her out to punish her, but I dont know what to do. I really want her to stop because Im scared shes going to break a tooth. She gets about 3-4 hours a day out of her cage (some days its closer to 3, others its closer to 4) but no matter how long i let her stay out shes doing it.

A: My guess would be she’s not getting enough playtime. Without knowing how much out time she is getting, I woud say that if she is out for atleast 3-4 hours a day, then she needs some new, more stimulating things to do in her cage!

Podo used to go wild shaking her cage until I started holding the cage near where she was biting it so she couldn’t shake the cage. She got bored since it wasn’t making a lot noise and stopped. She still will do it at night sometimes but nowhere near as much. I too tried bitter apple but she didn’t care.

My girl could be out all day and still do that. I don’t think it will ever stop completely.

I have an enormous cage and they still occasionally throw their fits, its just the ferret who wants out and to get some attention. It will pass – it’s just a ferret temper tantrum! Don’t take your ferret out of the cage until after she stops biting, or she might learn that biting the cage bars gets her out. Mine have all done it occasionally. Eventually the little jailbirds realize they’re not getting anywhere and give up. They don’t bite their cage bars for attention anymore.

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  1. Unknown

    i just got a new ferret and he is two months old and does the same thing Podo does! Thank you for posting this article and I hope your tips work for my little guy 😀

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