Do Ferrets Eat Rabbits – Can Ferrets and Rabbits Get Along?

Q: Do ferrets eat rabbits? Can I keep my ferret and rabbit together in the same cage?

A: Absolutely Not! Ferrets are innate hunters and will kill/ possibly eat the rabbit. Ferrets still have a great deal of their wild instincts in them, different from dogs, and will invariably go for the kill, given the opportunity. They eat meat, not greens, and so long as you have yours caged with your bunny, then one or the other is going to wind up hurt or dead.

I’ve learned the hard way not to mix predator and prey animals by letting my Mom pet sit my 5 guinea pigs and 1 ferret for a week while I went on vacation. She thought it would be wise to place the ferret in together with the guinea pigs when she cleaned his crate. Needless to say I returned home to one fewer guinea pig and a nice vet bill for the wounds the others place on the ferret.

Can Ferrets Get Along With Rabbits/Lizards/Reptiles/Birds?

Ferrets are not really a good match with pet mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, sugar gliders, chinchillas, or rabbits. More often than not, any rabbit, bird or reptile is a bad match for a ferret, and the two should never interact.

Here’s a list of incompatible pets with ferrets (including rabbits):

  • Little birds. Wild birds makes noises that agitate ferrets due to the fact sound is in the same octave range of a shrieking kit (or a squeaky toy). Ferrets will naturally go after the noise to silence it. A calm bird may attract a playful ferret with the movements, but small wild birds are in imminent danger of being killed.
  • Large parrots. Bigger birds, with their powerful beaks and lightning-fast movements, could harm the ferret, or kill your ferret.
  • Reptiles. Reptiles are viewed by ferrets as either enemies or tasty snacks. One time when my Bobbin was a kit, she uncovered a newborn garden snake and began to nibble on it at once. Little Bear decapitated a 3-foot blacksnake that had the bad fortune to climb in an open window. Ferrets have also been known to fatally injure large iguanas when attempting to play with their new friend.
  • Small rodents. Ferrets will give chase, and smaller rodents possibly could get killed, even by accident. You wouldn’t let your pet cat have fun with the hamster, so don’t let the ferret!
  • Large Rodents (including rabbits.) bigger rodents, like for example chinchillas and rabbits, will not get killed, but may be incredibly stressed out by living together with a ferret. . . Chinchillas, most notably, do not respond well to ferrets being in the same room.

Riding the Rabbit

Some ferrets get along well along with rabbits, but some think it’s great fun to “ride the rabbit” by chomping down on the rabbit’s throat and hanging on while the rabbit races about trying to excise the rider. No matter if nobody gets hurt, It is my opinion this is actually quite stressful for the poor rabbit, who might have a heart attack and die from stroke or fright.

Ferret Rabbit Hunting

For centuries, the chief use of ferrets was for hunting, or ferreting. With their own very long, lean build and wondering nature, ferrets are exceptionally good at getting down holes and chasing rodents and rabbits out of their burrows.

Caesar Agustus sent ferrets (named “viverrae” by Plinius ) to the Balearic Islands to control the rabbit plagues in 6 BC. Ferrets today are still used for hunting bunny rabbits in a some countries, including the UK and Australia, where rabbits are considered a plague taxonomic group.

Although, hunting with ferrets is actually illegal in several countries whenever it is feared that ferreting could unbalance the ecology.

Ferrets were foremost introduced in the New World in the 17th century, and were used extensively from 1860 up until the start of world War 2 to protect grain stores against rabbit and mice pests in the American Wild West.

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